National Living Organ Donors Foundation

The National Living Organ Donors Foundation exists to help save and improve lives by encouraging living organ donation through awareness, education and support.

Scientists and researchers pioneered the first transplant procedures in the 18th century. Over the years, scientists have experienced many failures, but by the mid-20th century, they were performing successful organ transplants. Transplants of kidneys, livers, hearts, pancreas, intestine, lungs and heart-lungs are now considered routine medical treatment.

Baby Arianna in need of a liver transplant.

In the last 20 years, important medical breakthroughs such as tissue typing and immunosuppressant drugs have allowed for a larger number of organ transplants and a longer survival rate for transplant recipients.

Unfortunately, the need for organ transplants continues to grow and this demand continues to outpace the supply of transplantable organs. Eighteen people in this country will die every day because a life-saving organ does not become available to them.

Baby Arianna 18 months post transplant.

Living organ donations can mean a more perfect match for the recipient translating into, in most cases, a longer transplant life and fewer medications. By offering a kidney, lobe of the liver, living donors offer an alternative to waiting on the national transplant waiting list for an organ from a deceased donor.

We at the National Living Organ Donors Foundation, Inc are dedicated to truly ending the wait for life saving organs by encouraging living organ donation through awareness, education and support. No one should have to die because there was not a life saving organ available for them.